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Back in the Jungle

by Matt James This past Sunday afternoon I got to attend the Cincinnati Bengals-Minnesota Vikings football game at Paul Brown Stadium with several other folks from Christ’s Church—including my wife, my mom and her husband, several of my best friends on staff, and a couple of our awesome elders from church. There was an air […]

I Am Blessed

by Dale Reeves Story Pastor Today on my birthday I celebrate another year of going around the sun. Not everyone I have conversed with this year will be able to say that. Some I have known this year have left this earth for a better eternity spent in a heavenly home. The past few months […]


by Shannon Wagers If you’re a baseball fan like me, chances are one of your favorite movies must be The Natural. This movie released in 1984 continues to be a fan favorite among many people. It is arguably one of the greatest sports movies in history as well as having one of the most anthemic […]