Doubts “If God is so good, then why does he allow us to experience so much pain?” Will I Go To Hell If I’m Not Baptized? Invite Engage Is God Still Relevant Today? Prayer Grafted Into the Plan You Are Chosen You Will Be Hated Is Racist Forge A Generous Life I Am the Light of the World Exiles Sermon Two Exiles Sermon One Faith Alone Just Do It Tame the Tounge I Am Sending You Love Your Enemies Pack Your Bags Have You Seen the Neighbors Game Over It’s Worth Fighting For Too Good To Be True The Time is Now From Dull To Dreams Overcoming Opposition Forge A Generous Life Dragon Slayer Darkness Before Dawn The Tide Turns Now This is War Your Story History Physical Field Skills Sex Container Single, Not Alone I Do Does “It” Have To End I Am the Gate I Am the Bread of Life I Am the Shepherd I Am the Resurrection and the Life I Am the Way Weapons Training No More Lame Excuses You Must Deny Yourself Is Depressed Prepare To Get Back In The Fight Be Humble Stay the Course SETTLING FOR LESS Undivided Pursue or Pass By Go You Are Imperfect You Are An Overcomer You Are Loved Greater Than Your Best Effort Do I Really Have to Forgive? “Do I really have to forgive others?” Greater Than Your Politics Greater Than Your Religion You Are A Saint You Are Indispensable PIE Introduction Ephesus – The Church that lost its Love Smyrna – The church that suffered Thyatria The Church that Tolerated Sin Pergamum, A Church Engaged in Compromise To the church in Sardis To the church in Philadelphia To the Church in Laodicea Belonging Freedom Restoration Worship Hero or Scapegoat Greater Than Your Cultural Icon Greater Than Your Worst Fear I’ve Made Foolish Financial Decisions I’ve Made Foolish Financial Decisions

Will I Go To Hell If I’m Not Baptized?

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