Mosaic Family Recovery Group

The Mosaic Family Recovery Group meets on Tuesdays, from March 6 - May 1, from 5:30-6:30 pm in Room C5.

What is a Mosaic Family? It is multi-generational individuals and families, living as a unit! Family structures in America have become more complex, growing from the traditional family group consisting of two parents and their children to multi- generational families that may or may not be related. Drugs, incarceration, abandonment, homelessness, joblessness, and the effect it creates on families may continue for generations. Intergenerational effects of substance abuse can have a negative impact on role modeling, trust, and concepts of standard behavior and this can create a difficult situation between generations in the home.

This 8-week recovery group will focus on different topics to help you move forward with strength and perseverance through Scripture, coping skills, life skills, and the power of sharing together with individuals who are experiencing similar situations. Is your family a Mosaic Family? Would you like to receive tools to help you as you journey in this environment? Then please join us.

This group will become a closed group after the first three weeks.