Milestone - Sleeping

“In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, Lord make me dwell in safety.” Psalm 4:8

Sleep… I am not a big sleeper, never was. I was THAT child, so it was easy for me when my second-born didn’t nap much and had a crazy sleep pattern. It was much more difficult for my husband who is a “by-the-book” sleeper, as is our firstborn. She spoiled us, fell asleep easily, stayed in bed, followed the books and the doctor's advice. Now as a teenager, she still goes to bed most days at a reasonable hour and likes to sleep. My son? Not so much.

We know that sleep DOES matter; it’s how you heal, grow, rest and renew your soul. But what is “normal”? What is important for healthy sleep habits?

The Baby Center has some great sleeping advice, and so should your pediatrician. 

However, you also will know YOUR child. Some people need more sleep than others, so if your little one sleeps a lot or not much, look for the signs to see if they are developing healthy habits and help them find a good sleep pattern.

Also keep in mind that for the first three years, sleep patterns can increase and decrease as your child goes through growth spurts. You may finally have a routine, and then it will change overnight. This is normal. I encourage you to use the extra awake time for praying over your child and reading to them.