Milestone - Fifth Grade

Fifth grade can be a challenge! In fifth grade it is a time where drama begins and students want to feel affirmed. There are a lot of challenging questions that will come up in fifth grade, and we want to help you be as prepared as possible!

Question #1: My child seems self-sufficient now. Do they still need me?  
Yes! As I’m sure you’ve discovered, your child is now at the point where they want to start making their own decisions. They may even start to insist: “I’ve got this!” But don’t be fooled into thinking that they don’t need you anymore. This is a time that we HAVE to make sure that we are fully present and available for them. We need to “do our homework,” show up in their lives consistently, and help them find their purpose. 

Question #2: How can I build trust with my child during this phase of life?  
 For us to be confident and trust them during this phase, we need to learn how to nurture our relationship with them.

Question #3: How will my child’s friendships change? And how can I help him/her develop healthy ones?
 During fifth grade, friends will go from just being friends to "BEST FRIENDS" and cliques will start to form.

Question #4: Is it normal for my child to stop listening to me? Should I just stop talking?  
Yes, it is completely normal. They will often seem to be more concerned about what their friends tell them and how they look than your opinion. This is okay, rest assured, their desire to hear what you have to say will come back around. But do NOT stop talking and investing in your child. Continue to PURSUE them during this phase. Your fifth grader wants to be reminded of their potential because their confidence level is being defined at this point. They will build their confidence based on the affirmation they receive. If you see the potential they have and believe in it, then they will continue to strive for something greater. After all, we are challenged by God to do something greater, to be something greater, to live to higher standards--so why do we not challenge our families to live this way as well?

Fifth grade is a perfect time to start if you are ready for a recharge, to start over, or to begin.

Paul reminds us in Romans 12:1-2: “Unlike the culture around you, dragging you down to its level of immaturity, God brings the BEST out of you, develops well-formed maturity in you.” It is important for us at Christ’s Church to walk alongside you. We want to help you be reminded, as you remind your child, that God challenges us to not live of this world.