Milestone - First Phone

If it hasn’t happened already, then give it just a few more days because your child will NEED want a phone! The biggest mistake is for us as parents to give our children phones without proper training. I know right now you probably think I am crazy, but hear me out. I believe that giving a student a phone without teaching them how to properly use it is like giving them keys to your brand new car and letting them take it for a spin. Yes, they might know how to use your radio better than you do, or actually set the clock in your car that you have tried adjusting three time-changes ago. But in all seriousness, there have to be some guidelines and boundaries set up before receiving a phone.

If we decide to buy them a phone for their birthday or as a present, then let us make sure that we have prepared them for several months on how we properly use a phone. If this does not happen, HOLD ME TO IT, you will be taking the phone away for them not for using it properly. If I had a dollar for every student that had his or her phone taken away in the last few years for the lack of responsibility, I would be rich.

I want to give you some tangible ways to start teaching responsibility with your child. I am a firm believer that with responsibility comes freedom. Click on our Phone Agreement forms below. 

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Phone Agreement

If you decide to allow your child to be on social media, here is a good article to consider:

Teenage depression and suicide are way up — and so is smartphone use