Milestone - Launch

At some point you have to start to preparing your high schooler for adulthood.  They have journeyed through childhood and adolescence and are ready to tackle the world.  This milestone for most students is exciting but scary.  They have waited their entire life for this but the unknowns of the world can be frightening.  

We’ve provided a launch guide for you to walk through this with your student.  It’s a simple guide to help you plan a launch ceremony with your student.  This may seem a little strange at first, but what it does is empower your senior to move forward and embrace all that God has for him or her and the future.  

With this transition, your role transitions as well. You are still mom and dad but you start to transition to mentor and friend as well.  Come alongside them and guide them.  Share your experiences, your successes, and your failures.  Be honest with them and help them through this transition!