Milestone - Smart Phones and Devices

Let’s be honest, your student probably already has a smartphone and at least a few different devices at this point (computer, tablet, ect.).  Here’s the biggest point to take in – BE AWARE OF WHAT’S ON THEIR DEVICES!  Know the apps, the people on their phones, and what they’re doing with these devices.  Most of the time a student is accessing things they shouldn’t be and parents are just unaware.  

For example, there’s a calculator app that looks harmless.  It actually doubles as a vault that they can store pictures, videos, and other things in that they don’t want you to see.  Be aware of how social media apps like Twitter, Snapchat and GroupMe work and more importantly, what they’re using them for.  Even regular apps like Instagram and Youtube can be used to access porn.  

Last tip… Have a contract with them that you have access to their things at anytime.  Know their passcodes and actually check them periodically.  Accountability is never a bad thing!

And in the spirit of awareness, here's an interesting article to consider: Teenage depression and suicide are way up — and so is smartphone use