Milestone - Driving

Let’s be honest, this maybe one of the most exciting milestones for your student and the hardest, most fear ridden one for you. This milestone is more than freedom for your high schooler, it really centers in on your trust for them.  You go through an array of different feelings – Where are they? Are they safe? Do they remember what I taught them? Are they ready for this?  We have a way that can help ease some of those feelings for you.

We’ve provided a driving contract for you and your student.  This is to help you transfer your trust to your student; showing them that with such a great responsibility comes trust.  What you will receive is a contract that outlines the responsibilities and guidelines and some great discussion starters to help those conversations take place.  We recommend that you do this outside of the house and really make it a big deal – Because this is a bid deal!  It’s their first real step into adulthood and it marks a huge milestone in their life.