Kids Foundations

Kids Foundations Class is a one-hour class about baptism and following God. This is designed for children ages Kindergarten through Grade 4 who are interested in knowing what baptism is all about!

Note: If you have an older child who would like to learn about baptism and next steps with God, we invite you to set up a meeting with our Middle School and High School pastors, Jake and Ryan. 
If your student is in Grades 5-8, you can email Jake Niven here.
If your student is in Grades 9-12, you can email the High School Ministry Office here.

The Kids Foundations Class will be offered six times throughout the year. We will meet from 9:00-10:00 am on Sunday mornings (dates listed below) in Room C-5. At least one parent must accompany each child (but one parent may bring more than one of their own children).

The class will cover: What is baptism? Why is baptism such an important decision?

Upcoming 2018 Dates:
August 19, and October 14