We know that friendly, caring connections are what impact people the most and bring people back again and again. We want every person who walks through our doors to feel welcome and comfortable--to sense that they belong! That’s why our Pathways Team is here serving each Sunday. They help people find a pathway that will connect them with others, help them grow spiritually, and ultimately fulfill the mission, which is redeeming them back to God. 

Parking Team - Our parking team volunteers are the first friendly faces that people see when they come to the church! They greet people as they are walking in, help people find parking, and assist in finding the correct entrance. 


Door Hosts - You’ll be welcomed by a friendly handshake or warm smile as you enter Christ's Church. Our door hosts are wonderful at guiding new guests in and helping them get where they need to go.

Starting Point - Our Starting Point Desk is a resource table. People are there to answer questions that guests might have, help them register for events, or guide them to various places in the building.  

Higher Grounds - We all know what a struggle the morning can be without the help of some coffee! We have a team who loves serving and refilling coffee, juice, donuts, and bagels at Higher Grounds.