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CC Kids

We offer programming for kids birth – 4th grade at 10:30 am every Sunday morning. Make sure to make a reservation before you come!

CC Students

At 10:30 am every Sunday morning, we have a fun, dynamic experience geared towards students Grades 5-12. No reservation needed.


Experience real community by joining an in person or online group at Christ’s Church today.


Our Worship Experience Ministry covers music, production, social media, and CC Live.

Jesus has a special place in his heart for children, and we do too. We desire as a church to come alongside parents in helping them with the most important job on the planet—raising children to know and love God. We offer programming for kids birth - 4th grade at 10:30 am every Sunday morning. All volunteers in CC Kids are background checked and trained to work in our children’s area. Our goal is for children to want to be at church and for parents to feel confident their child is safe and learning about how much God loves them!

0-24 Months
Bring your little ones to the nursery area on Sunday mornings. Children are rocked, read to, played with and fed, as needed. Volunteers will take great care of your little one while you attend the weekend worship experience. Please visit the children’s starting point area for more information.

This age likes to move! We provide age-appropriate toys and activities, serve goldfish for snacks, and learn a short Bible story during our worship experience. Our primary goal is making sure that every little gift of God feels safe and loved.

Preschoolers are ready to go! We do not serve a snack in the preschool classes, as they are too busy learning and playing! Each time we meet we share Bible stories and activities to go along with the monthly Bible words.

Elementary (kindergarten–fourth grade)
Our elementary programming includes dynamic and fun large-group worship and small-group lessons. Our goal is to help kids connect with strong leaders and build friendships at church. We consider it a privilege to be able to partner with parents in leading children to know and love God.

Have questions about CC Kids? Send them an email here.

About CC Students

CC Students is for 7th through 12th grade students and is designed for students to experience God, connect with community, and have fun. We want to provide a safe space for students to hang out with friends while asking real questions like who is God and who does he say I am?

About 56 Students

56 Students is for 5th and 6th graders and is designed specifically for a safe place for them to learn who Jesus is, hangout with friends, and have fun. 56 Students meets in the Gym every Sunday at 10:30am with fun games, an impactful message, and group time for them to answer some questions and see how their week is going. 

CC Students Service

Join us every Sunday at 10:30am in the Basement. Students will get to connect with leaders and friends while having fun. After that, experience a service with games, a message, and gender and grade specific groups. Make sure to stop by the Welcome Desk to get checked in. 

CC Live

Not comfortable heading back to the building? CC Live is a perfect place to connect to Student Ministry. Each week we interview a student or someone in the church and we take time to talk about what God is doing in their life, advice they would give, and just answer some funny questionsStudent Programming starts at 10:10am each Sunday!


Students are on YouTube! That is the place to be! CC Students has their own YouTube channel dedicated to content made just for 7-12 graders. Our content videos release every Wednesday and you should check those out before you come to church on Sunday. Subscribe to the channel. Like the videos. 


Student Ministry runs because of volunteers. To volunteer with CC Students, you don’t have to be in the lingo, able to push through the middle school BO, or know it all. You just have to be passionate about students and want to tell them about Jesus.

We have two primary opportunities. Group Leaders are there every Sunday Morning at church leading a grade and gender specific group. Events Team is another chance to volunteer! The events team is an as on an as needed basis and are notified when events are taking place. Want to join the team? Fill out this form  and we’ll contact you! 

Contact Us

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None of us can do life alone. We need each other. Getting connected to a Group that meets in a home, online or at the church building is a great way to get connected with other adults. Want to find out more? Send an email here to get connected.

One of the best ways to connect with people in the church is by serving together. You can help serve coffee, greet people with a smile, rock babies in the nursery, hang out with middle school teens, or help landscape the church property. To find out about opportunities like these for serving alongside others, contact Brad Wilson!

"We believe it is important to spend intentional time in worship with our Father. Worship for individuals can be different; It can be through prayer, singing, or reading scripture. Leading worship at CC means to lead people to see God’s presence and remove ourselves from being the center of attention, so people can see God, experiencing the presence of the Holy Spirit moving in their own lives. Worship experiences should not be based on a moment, but a movement, that flows from the church building to our community. My hope is that by worshiping God in spirit and truth (John 4:24), the Christ’s Church family will move into a lifestyle of worship 24/7, 7 days week, and allow their lives to be a living testimony of what God has done in their lives through their personal experience with God." - Joey Santos

Our Worship Arts Ministry covers production, social media, the worship experience, and CC Live.

Looking for a "behind the scenes" role on Sunday mornings? You can volunteer to run camera, slides, or be a stage manager. Contact Nathan Siegele or Matt James for more information.

Social Media
Interested in capturing stories or photos for social media? Contact  Joey Santos for photography and social media opportunities.

Worship Experience
Want to share your gift of singing or playing an instrument? Contact Joey Santos for an opportunity to audition to be a part of the Worship Team or to join the Experience Choir!

CC Live
Want to be a part of the online conversation happening on Sunday mornings? Become an online host for CC Live, where you will lead conversation with those engaging with our services online. Contact Joey Santos for CC Live opportunities.