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About Us

Christ’s Church Kids is fully licensed through the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. We offer preschool classes, Parents’ Day Out, morning care for school-age children, summer camps for preschoolers and school agers, and more! Special events and electives are provided to enhance these offerings. Our staff receives training to continually learn new ways of ministering to children and families.

Our program began more than 30 years ago. During that time, it has had different names including Mason Christian Preschool, CLUB, The Landing, and Weekday Ministries. Our new name, Christ’s Church Kids, best shows the relationship between our program and our church. We fully support our church’s mission (redeeming us back to God) and core values (Know, Grow, Sow, Go). Though our name has changed, our purpose has remained the same. Christ’s Church Kids exists to help children and families know, love, praise, and serve Jesus! We share the love of God with every child and family in our program.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to lead each child to know God’s love. We do this through daily activities including singing, teaching, reading, and sharing together. We show God’s love by nurturing each child, fostering care and concern, displaying biblical principles in all activities, and providing a loving, Christian experience for all children and their families.

CC Kids Parent Handbook