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Christ’s Church Online Campus

Our church community is made up of more than just those who walk through the doors of our campus in Mason, Ohio on Sundays. We believe “church” is a not a building but a community of believers.

CC Live, the online campus of Christ’s Church in Mason, is a community of people all over the world experiencing God and connecting with each other through worship and online chat. CC Live is a way for anyone to engage with the body of Christ in Christian fellowship no matter where they are spiritually or geographically on any given Sunday.

At 9:50 EST each Sunday we live stream this service, while also making staff and volunteers available to chat and pray with those logged in, providing a real, compassionate, interactive and supportive congregation for those who have entered our virtual campus.

Sermon Notes

Creates a space where EVERYONE can experience Christ and His church

Joey Santos, the Online Campus Pastor, hosts every Sunday, welcoming the viewers to the online service. Both the online community and the on-campus community engage with the same teaching and are able to connect through the message.

CC Live has “hosts” that communicate with the online community throughout the service.

And our online campus is not limited to engaging on Sunday services: We also offer online Bible studies so our online community can engage with people from all over the world, unified with a specific study.

House Campus

How does CC House work?

You will be able to build community by getting involved through three simple strategies:

What is a house campus?

CC Live House Campuses are a great way for you to be a part of a home church no matter where you are. This opportunity takes the online church commitment to the next level. You will not only watch the weekend service, but we will also give you the tools to be the church.

CC House is part of the online campus of Christ’s Church. We not only offer a weekend service opportunity, but we also offer a weekly online Bible studies, online prayer, as well as opportunities for you to be the church from wherever you are.

Once your CC House is established, you can start building your community by inviting family and friends to worship with you on weekends, grow together through intentional online discipleship, and serve within your community both locally and around the world. Remember, you are the church.

Let your family and friends know that they can worship, study the Bible, take Communion, and be generous right from your living room. We will provide you with invitations, but feel free to send emails, text messages, and phone calls too.

Weekend Service Experience

Every Sunday at 08:50 am and 10:20 am ET – gather with family and friends to worship with us during the live broadcast.

Weekly Bible Study

Build community by studying the Bible together and grow spiritually closer to God and each other.


You will be able to serve your community locally and globally together.

Interested in becoming a House Campus?

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Church at the Bar

This new Church at the Bar experience format is designed to promote conversation and build community. As you go into the bar, ask yourself these questions: Is it possible to have a relational, worship environment where anyone could sit together as one community seeking wisdom from the Bible? Where people could share, ask questions, and form relationships with each other from a bar setting? Could we provide a real experience, where real people are experiencing real community in real time?

Visit Church at the Bar Here:

Church at the Bar

Sundays at 10:20 am
7837 Old 3C Highway
Maineville, Ohio 45039


CCLive Experience

9:50 am EST