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Integrity Matters

Integrity Matters: Learning from the Houston Astros’ Scandal  by Shannon Wagers   As an avid baseball fan, there are few phrases that excite me more than […]

A Life Postpartum

A Life Postpartum  by Lisa Hardwick   “To the woman he said, ‘I will surely multiply your pain in childbearing; In pain you shall bring […]

True Wealth

Stories Over Stuff: True Wealth by Paige Braley   Living in our world today, struggling with how we measure up to others is easier to […]

Decisions, Decisions

Stories Over Stuff: Scott and Nancy McCloskey by Dale Reeves Story Pastor Yesterday at Christ’s Church we began a new teaching series called “S.O.S.: Stories […]

God’s Will for 2020

by Dale Reeves Story Pastor   This past Sunday in our worship experiences at Christ’s Church I preached about having a 20/20 vision for the […]

Reflecting Imago Dei

Reflecting Imago Dei: Josh and Holly Styrcula’s Story by Dale Reeves Story Pastor Josh and Holly Styrcula strive to live by this principle in their home […]